Trio Zulum ~ Zulum can be translated as "an unapproachable heartbreaker". Trio means three.

Neither really describe this band.

They are really huggable honeybears (but "Huggable Honeybears" is NOT a good band name). And they're often joined by others, especially the beautiful Maria Bebelekova.

But they DO play Bulgarian dance music that will set your opanci ablaze. Vassil is simply one of the best bagpipers in the world. He not only has been a member of the best traditional bands in Bulgaria, he currently is a lead player with Freddie Clark's popular fusion band. Bill and Dan bring a cumulative 70 years playing and teaching their instruments. After all that time, they should be pretty good, don't you think? Maria (did we say she was beautiful?) will join them on vocals.

You know, come to think of it, the level of Trio Zulum's energetic playing is approached by few U.S. bands, and the evocative, haunting tunes may well break your heart. So maybe it's a good name after all.

Vassil Bebelekov - gajda (bagpipe)
Bill Cope - tambura (lute)
Dan Auvil - tupan (drum)
Maria Bebelekova (vocals