Zabava! selo members:
All members speak English....some fluently!

Zabava! means Party!
Izvorno means a traditional, folk instrument band from FYR Macedonia.

Together they name a group of some of the finest Balkan musicians in the country who aim to recreate the vibrant interplay of music and dance from this cultural crossroad.

And to make a great Party!


Corinne Sykes, Julie Graffagna, Dina Trageser or Jessica Ng
vocals & tambura, as available
Michele Simon
vocals, tupan, hand drum
Tom Farris
tambura, guitar, hand drum

Bill Cope

  gajdas, tamburas, bouzouki, accordion, vocals


Music examples

Ovchepolsko Oro
Baba Djurdja



Zabava! extended selo members:
Sometimes, It takes a village to make a band!

Adam Good
Jeff Fine
Dan ("the first one to end the piece wins!") Auvil
Alan ("Z-best") Zemel
Juliana ("Muscles") Graffagna
Mark ("Nema problema") Forry
Michele ("Rhymin'") Simon
Tom ("I have a Porsche and you don't") Farris
Evan ("What a concept!") Stuart

Pat ("Impeach Trump!") MacSwyney
Bryan ("I don't curtsy, I bow, man!") Bowman
Angela ("I'm living in Plovdiv and you're not!") Rodel
Ryan ("Oh yeah, how many instruments do you play") Francesconi
Bill ("Madonna is a close personal friend") Lanphier