Zabava! selo members:
All members speak English....some fluently!

Zabava! means Party!
Izvorno means a traditional, folk instrument band from FYR Macedonia.

Together they name a group of some of the finest Balkan musicians in the country who aim to recreate the vibrant interplay of music and dance from this cultural crossroad.

And to make a great Party!


Corinne Sykes
vocals, tambura, tupan, darabuka
Michele Simon
vocals, tupan, hand drum
Tom Farris
tambura, guitar, hand drum

Rich Schultz


Bill Cope

  gajdas, tamburas, bouzouki, accordion, vocals

Music examples

Ovchepolsko Oro
Baba Djurdja



Zabava! extended selo members:
Sometimes, It takes a village to make a band!

Dan ("the first one to end the piece wins!") Auvil
Alan ("Z-best") Zemel
Juliana ("Muscles") Graffagna
Mark ("Nema problema") Forry
Michele ("Rhymin'") Simon
Tom ("I have a Porsche and you don't") Farris
Evan ("What a concept!") Stuart
Pat ("Impeach Bush!!!") MacSwyney
Bryan ("I don't curtsy, I bow, man!") Bowman
Angela ("I'm living in Plovdiv and you're not!") Rodel
Ryan ("Oh yeah, how many instruments do you play") Francesconi
Bill ("Madonna is a close personal friend") Lanphier